Are N&T travels for everybody?

Our travels are meant for everybody interested in the discovery of Nature. A few of our destinations may be more specifically focusing on birds, mammals, sea mammals, amphibians… but most of them are perfectly suited for anybody with a broader interest in the natural world. Our tour leaders are trained to adapt the information they provide to the levels and the expectations of all participants, be they experienced naturalists or not. Such a personal attention to every participant is further enhanced by the reduced size of our groups.

Do you need to be young or athletic to book on a N&T travel?

Most of our destinations are accessible to anybody capable ow gently walking a few hours a day, although a few of our travels may request some more fitness or be characterized by more demanding schedules. Our Technical Data Sheets always provide the necessary and reliable information.

What kind of accommodation options do you select?

N&T takes great care in offering our clients accommodations of a good quality, but without exaggerated luxury. In most cases, we select small and pleasant hotels, with a ‘’human dimension’’, where conviviality is the key word. Our prices are in double occupancy (often with the possibility for single accommodation, with supplement). In some countries, we opt for rest houses with adequate sanitary facilities (no dormitories). In some cases, you may be accommodated in homestays or use comfortable guest houses. In a few cases, you may even be requested to spend nights in more basic accommodation options, if no other option is available. Whatever the case, our Technical Data Sheets always provide the necessary and reliable information.

Who are the tour leaders of N&T?

N&T relies on a panel of experienced guides, who were all selected for their experience and knowledge in various naturalist fields (they are biologists, certified nature guides or experienced naturalists), their ability to share their knowledge and their passion for Nature, as well as their ability to manage the logistics of our travels. For more info concerning our different tour leaders, please click on "Our Guides".

How big are the groups ?

In order to maximize the quality of the observations and to keep the atmosphere of our groups convivial and intimate, we always limit the size of our groups to a maximum of 15 participants per tour leader. We may even reduce the size of the group down to 10 participants if needed (for the observation of shy mammal species, for instance).

Who will be my fellow travellers?

Our travellers are from all the French-speaking areas of Europe, with, usually, a majority of Belgians and more and more French participants. Our youngest participants are sometimes a mere 12 years old, the elderly ones can be more than six times as old… Whatever their ages, their abilities and expectations, all share a common deep interest in Nature, an open mind and a lot of good humour!

When should I book?

When you have decided to travel with us, we suggest you to book as early as possible. The soonest we can book your flights, the cheapest will be the options. And, as we always limit the number of our participants, you will not risk to be frustrated to learn that the travel is already fully booked. After having completed the online Booking Form, we will invite you to deposit 30% of the price of the travel.

When will the departure be guaranteed?

As a rule, our travels depart as soon as we have 5 participants booked (or only 4 participants, for a few destinations). This can of course never be guaranteed as from the very beginning. In the unlikely event of a travel being cancelled due to lack of participants, the total amounts already paid will of course be refunded. Of course, if it goes on a tailor-made tour, the departure is entirely in your own hands!

How reliable is ‘Nature & Terroir’?

N&T is a fully licensed travel organizer and operator, holding a Tourism Licence that guarantees our competence as well as our financial stability. We have been organizing travels for the last 30 years or so. Our company also holds a special insurance covering its own insolvability! Our Conditions of sales are fully developed on all our Booking Forms. At ‘Nature & Terroir’, we stick to our own Ethical Code, which is extensively described in all our Technical Data Sheets. We offer the best guarantees of reliability to our clients.

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