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Finca la Parilla

This estate stands for its biodiversity and you can find even the biggest Cinereous Vulture colony and the second Griffon Vulture colony in the world. Raptors are not the only species present: Eagle Owl sings from the rocky cliffs in front of the lodge where also the Spanish imperial Eagle has its nest; Red Kites, Golden Eagles, Bonelli’s Eagle and Spar-rowhawks fly over the area almost every day. Typical Mediterranean species such as Thekla Lark, Red-rumped Swallow, Blue Rock-thrush, Woodchat Shrike and Spotless Starling can be seen in the open areas. The shrubby sites host numerous Warblers like the Western Orphean and the Iberian Chiffchaf. Furthermore, we can also discover Golden Orioles, and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Grey Wagtail, Azure-winged Magpies and Hawfinches in humid areas.
It is possible see many mammals in the estate like Fox, Wild Cats, Egyptian Mongooses, Otter and Badger but the easiest to photograph are: Deer in the rutting season and Common Genet and Beech Mar-ten, from the night hide, all year round. Last year we have found the presence of the “Iberian Lynx” inside the Park of Monfrague, who was extinct from the 70s.
The main attraction as far as flora is concerned are the extraordi-nary blooming of Common Gum Cistus and Broteroi Peony in the fields, alongside other Mediterranean species like Spanish Foxglove or Tongue Orchid, among which fly elegant butterflies like Spanish Festoon, Spanish Swallowtail and Two-tailed Pasha.

Wildlife & Birds :

  • Red-legged Partridge
  • Black Stork
  • Griffon Vulture
  • Black Vulture
  • Egyptian Vulture
  • Golden Eagle
  • Spanish Imperial Eagle
  • Short-toed Eagle
  • Booted Eagle
  • Bonelli's Eagle
  • Red Kite
  • Black Kite
  • Black-winged Kite
  • Pourple Swamphen
  • Great Spotted Cuckoo
  • Eagle Owl
  • Red-necked Nightjar
  • Hoopoe
  • Red- Rumped Swallow
  • Blue Rock Thrush
  • Nuthatch
  • Woodchat Shrike
  • Azure-winged Magpie
  • Spotless Starling
  • Golden Oriole
  • Rock Sparrow
  • Hawfinch
  • Red Fox
  • Beach Marten
  • Common Genet
  • Red Deer
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Responsable destination

Cécile :
+32 71 84 54 80

Présente le mardi (11h - 18h), le jeudi (9h à 12h), le vendredi (10h à 18h) et le samedi (9h à 12h)


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