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For more than thirty years now, ‘Nature & Terroir’ has been proposing nature tours and travels in Europe as well as in other, more remote areas of the world. Relying on such a strong experience, we invite you to join our outstanding tour leaders and share their passion, in order to (re)discover the Living World in all its most fascinating forms (birds, mammals, plants life, landscapes…), without keeping aside the human and cultural assets of the areas visited.

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Our 3 travel concepts

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Scheduled travels

Each year, we propose some 60 travels, focusing on one or several specific theme(s) related to the discovery of Nature. Let our tour leaders take care of you and enjoy the best opportunities to discover nature as well as the other most outstanding attractions of the areas visited.

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Special dates travels

Some destinations are best visited at specific times of the year (migration, breeding, flowering…). This is what we propose you: some of our travels are scheduled at specific dates, in order to offer you the very best of what the visited area has to offer.

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"Tailor-made" travels

Our ‘’tailor-made’’ programmes enable you to choose for your preferred period of travel and discover astonishing landscapes, iconic species or outstanding natural phenomena. The best out of the best!


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